IT LifeCycle Services


IT Lifecycle Services 

ACP offers Rapid Deployment Services ( RDS) to assist our clients in the process of procuring technologies to full onsite installation services to meet pinpoint delivery dates for their projects.  RDS consist of the following services:

  • Proactive Procurement of Technologies
  • Storage of Technologies in ACP Integration Center
  • Configuration Services
    • Hardware Configuration Services
    • Asset Tagging and Tracking Services
    • Customized Image Load Services
    • Customized Application Stacking Services ( CASS)
  • Staging Services
  • Deployment Services for Pinpoint Delivery Services
  • Onsite Installation Services 

RDS will help you consolidate your procurement process and streamline your rollout schedule for refreshing your technologies.  Having what you need when you need it will allow your firm to focus on other IT objectives. 

What Do We Do….

IT Lifecycle Services

For over 30 years, ACP core deliverable is centered around IT Lifecycle Services from the end point to the data center.  ACP can manage all segments of the Lifecycle or segments per your organization’s requirements.  ACP IT Lifecycle Services consist of the following services:

  • Design of Systems
  • Acquiring of Systems
  • Full Integration Services
  • Support Services – Manage Service Provider
  • Refresh Services – Asset Recovery Services

Clients will partner with ACP due to several reasons; within the IT Lifecycle, ACP has a 30 year proven track record to help our clients lower their cost in the IT Lifecycle Services and or increase service levels.