IT Services Management

IT Services Management

Business continuously asks IT to deliver new services, to help create new products, find new customers and gain competitive advantage. However, organizations are expected to deliver on these strategic initiatives while operating within the constraints of their existing budgets. ACPs IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings help solve this common dilemma by driving cost out of operations without adversely affecting levels of risk.

ACP IT Service Management (ITSM) Services improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT operations by helping to implement best practices and standards. You can rely upon ACP and its array of Vendor Partner ITSM experts to thoroughly assess your current service management policies and processes to develop a roadmap for your success. Our approach accelerates the adoption of best practice methodologies, such as those based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ACP will then coordinate continuous improvement and optimization of services to keep your operations running at peak efficiency.

ACP ITSM solutions provide value beyond common service desk operations. With our solutions, your organization can offer business users quick and easy access to IT services with reliable and convenient interactive, mobile, and social capabilities. Processes are automated and leverage a wealth of knowledge through a broad range of integrated solutions.

Service Desk

Incident/Problem management

  • Initiate
  • Route
  • Track
  • Manage

Change management

  • Securely control and manage change to reduce unplanned outages

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Manage assets and configurations to reduce unauthorized configuration changes reducing security vulnerabilities

Service catalog

  • Self-service portal reducing unnecessary and redundant tickets, raising user satisfaction

Executive dashboards and business analytics

  • Monitor key metrics and SLA adherence at a glance to reduce service outages and improve cross-functional communication

Knowledge management

  • Create a searchable knowledgebase of common issues and resolutions to expedite incident resolution

Endpoint Management

OS and application deployment

  • Automate system deployment or migration with no configuration for minimal disruption

Patch management

  • Centrally assess, manage, deploy, and report on patches ensuring that systems are secure and that integrity is never compromised

Event management

  • Extend monitoring and custom alerting capabilities to proactively track, manage, and automate remediation when key infrastructure events occur

Policy compliance

  • Reduce the manual effort associated with monitoring IT assets and defining policies, and provide auditors with records of compliance levels from a centralized console

Remote management

  • Securely control routine desktop management tasks with administrators being able to detect, diagnose, and resolve PC issues without leaving their desk

Power management

  • Lower energy bills and reduce the environmental footprint associated with PC energy consumption and easily establish return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) with granular power management settings

Device management

  • Centrally define and enforce your device usage policies, control upload and download activity, log peripheral device events for proactive response, and audit any unwanted activity


  • Simplify the migration of user data and personalities, including desktop layout, metadata, drive mappings, customized settings, and file/folder structure

Asset Management


  • Automated inventory tracking aids investment decisions, reduces manual processes and maintains compliance

Software license management

  • Reduce costly audit failures through better understanding software license usage

Financial asset management

  • Make informed decisions to optimize spending and eliminate compliance penalties