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  • Managed Print Services

    Managed Printing Services

    Multifunction printers (MFPs), copiers, scanners, and fax machines are vitally important to most organizations. But managing these devices can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. What if you could manage, optimize, and improve your print environment, and help save money at the same time? At HP, we’re experts in managing documents as well as print devices. With our HP Partner Managed Print Services (MPS) program, we’re helping businesses of various sizes achieve more with their print environment. Our tailored printing service can help manage and optimize your printers and copiers, as well as improve business processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your business.

    Experience world-class service and real cost savings
    HP Partner MPS offers world-class print management—removing the headaches, and helping you realize significant cost savings. In fact, studies show organizations that implement managed print services reduce their printing costs by an average of 30%. Our team of people, combined with our processes, and technologies make all the difference: from the assessment and proposal phase, to setup and maintenance, reporting and reviews, ongoing optimization efforts, and document workflow solutions. Working together with local HP partners, we’re able to provide special attention to each of our MPS customers, leading to a customer retention rate of 95%.

  • Five Ways to Solve Your Help Desk's Biggest Hassles

    Five Ways to Solve Your Help Desk's Biggest Hassles

    You start your day with a flurry of help desk tickets: The new hire in sales can’t connect to the printer. Someone in marketing printed a 200-page presentation and used up all the ink. And the CEO’s print jobs are stuck in the queue. 

    You’re spending half of your day tending to these low-level tasks, and the frequency of these calls is growing. With the proliferation of devices across the organization, how can you more proactively solve these issues? Here are five steps you can take to proactively manage your printer fleet with the help of our partnership with HP.

    1. Gain insight into printer utilization
      HP JetAdvantage Insights arms you with the data to help reduce costs and waste in printer usage. This cloud-based solution makes it easy to:
      • Track costs by user, department, and location to see usage behaviors and understand costs
      • Monitor all brands of multifunctional devices and printers, including personal printers
      • Gain real-time analytics, without burdening IT
    2. Apply compliance measure
      In the healthcare industry, especially, compliance is so important. If users are breaching HIPAA protocols by leaving their printed documents out in the open, you can set up a rule that causes that printer to not print a document until the person is standing and inputs their ID. 
    3. Move to centralized management
      Numerous HP tools help you save time and money with printer management. You can use HP Web JetAdmin print management software and HP Web JetAdmin Print Driver for centralized printer setup and management
    4. Keep your printers up-to-date
      With a growing number of printers across the enterprise, it’s easy for devices to become outdated, which exacerbates problems and introduces room for security breaches. When you invest in HP FutureSmart-enabled LaserJet printers and the HP Open Extensibility Platform, it becomes easier to add new features and applications and keep all printers running smoothly.
    5. Leverage Managed Print Services
      The HP Managed Print Services program to simplify device management, and save money by eliminating printing inefficiencies. HP will assess HP and non-HP devices, improve business workflows, share analysis of your print environment, and continually assess workflows for continual optimization.

    Contact our team at Arlington Computer Products today at (847) 541-6333 to learn how you can gain maximum efficiency from your printer fleet.

  • Avoid the Hidden Costs of Printing Use

    Avoid the Hidden Costs of Printing Use

    Would you believe that office printing costs consume up to 3 percent of corporate revenues?1 Basic functions like printing and scanning represent a tremendous expense to organizations, especially when you consider the time involved with maintenance. In fact, up to 50 percent of all IT help desk calls are printer-related.2

    Despite this fact, many companies actually don’t assess the cost-effectiveness of their printer fleets, or have a program in place to help keep these costs in line.

    Drive down costs with HP Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services (MPS) from our partnership with HP are the management and optimization of printing and imaging devices. This is a straightforward way to improve processes, increase efficiencies, and improve user satisfaction across the organization.

    Businesses that have implemented managed print services have reduced printing costs by an average of 30 percent.3 MPS supports your business in these key areas:

    • Analyze your printing needs. These insights may help to ensure that printers are more strategically placed and that inefficient devices are phased out and/or replaced. 
    • Save help desk time. A Managed Print Service program can help you understand printer utilization and reduce downtime by ensuring that supplies like printer cartridges are delivered before machines get low.
    • Manage devices from multiple vendors. HP Managed Print Services can help you centrally manage all printing and imaging devices, from all vendors.
    • Eliminate waste. It’s common for employees to inadvertently print all items in color, which can be very costly. Many businesses are working to address this by enacting and enforcing color printing compliance rules so that employees use devices properly.

    Employ strategic print management
    An effective MPS program involves more than just keeping your devices running smoothly. It means gathering and applying insights that help you make your printers run optimally. 

    Improve document workflow
    Many document costs are related to end user time and the flow of documents through the organization. HP helps you accelerate your business by improving document workflows.

    Contact our team at Arlington Computer Products today at (847) 541-6333 to learn managed print services can help you.