Public Sector

Public Sector, specifically Education in all its forms, face many of the same issues with technology as our Enterprise customers. Multiple locations, increasing budgets demands to do more, state and federal compliance issues, a constantly changing user profile and Public accountability all factor into today’s Education Technology landscape. ACP has a proven track record in supporting Education in both K-12 and Higher Ed. and have provided “best in class” solutions for Security, Network Infrastructure, Wireless, Voice, Servers, Storage and desktop infrastructure.

The way teachers teach and develop curriculums is changing right before our eyes. In the past, Districts and teachers selected textbooks in support of their lesson plans. Today and in the future, teachers will select a chapter from several texts and combine it with other content available on the web and will have the flexibility to change or add to their plans as the needs arise. This flexibility demands a strong network infrastructure, secure and capable wireless along with servers and storage to support all that is required. ACP understands the growing needs of our Education customers and partner with world class manufacturers to bring these solutions to market.

New Hope Technology Foundation

New Hope Technology Foundation was founded in 2004 to provide strategic technology funding assistance to K-12 school districts. The company’s client base has grown from five clients in 2004 to over two hundred in 2017, including schools and libraries in 23 separate states.

New Hope is a full service E-Rate consultant offering assistance with application filing, discount rate determination, audits, appeals and all other facets of the application process.  It is their goal to assume as much of the application burden as is possible. They always take a strong proactive stance for our clients in regards to E-Rate policy and rules changes. This includes actively lobbying both Congress and the FCC on behalf of our client base.

In addition to E-Rate, New Hope provides clients with procurement assistance and has a grant writer on staff. Additional information on New Hope may be found at

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