Rebuilding the foundation for education’s future

There's no argument that education is the foundation for a successful life.

But what is the foundation of a successful education system? It's today's online world, many would argue it's a sound IT networking infrastructure the supports the ability to teach the children.

And that's the thought behind Naperville School District 203's $1.6 million project to upgrade its entire networking and wireless infrastructure at all of the district's 26 schools and facilities. It's a complete makeover of a system that the district and its contractor say will be able to support Dist. 203's educational functions for the next decade.

"It's not just a technology solution, it's an education solution," said Tom Turkot, vice president of client solutions for Buffalo Grove-based Arlington Computer Products, the company that is overseeing the project in partnership with wireless tech company Cisco Meraki.

Key in the overhaul is the replacement of the district's IT networking cables with new Category 6A cable, which Turkot calls "the superhighway of 
cabling." "You'd have to stream the Library of Congress simultaneously to every classroom in the district to hit the maximum," Turkot said... Read the Full Article