• ACP and Palo Alto Networks close a major security RFP for Healthcare Insurance Provider

    ACP and Palo Alto Networks partnered to win an Enterprise RFP for replacing all the Enterprise Firewalls for a major Healthcare Insurance Provider. The process spanned over 10 months and is valued at over $7.0 million. The Palo Alto solution was superior and was selected over all of the major Security competitors, including Fortinet.

  • Rebuilding the foundation for education’s future

    StoryThere's no argument that education is the foundation for a successful life.

    But what is the foundation of a successful education system? It's today's online world, many would argue it's a sound IT networking infrastructure the supports the ability to teach the children.

    And that's the thought behind Naperville School District 203's $1.6 million project to upgrade its entire networking and wireless infrastructure at all of the district's 26 schools and facilities. It's a complete makeover of a system that the district and its contractor say will be able to support Dist. 203's educational functions for the next decade.

    "It's not just a technology solution, it's an education solution," said Tom Turkot, vice president of client solutions for Buffalo Grove-based Arlington Computer Products, the company that is overseeing the project in partnership with wireless tech company Cisco Meraki.

    Key in the overhaul is the replacement of the district's IT networking cables with new Category 6A cable, which Turkot calls "the superhighway of
    cabling." "You'd have to stream the Library of Congress simultaneously to every classroom in the district to hit the maximum," Turkot said... Read the Full Article

  • ACP Receives Letter of Thanks from Longtime Partner...

    Dear ACP team,

    I am writing this letter to share my deepest thanks with all of you.

    First, a little background, for those of you that may not know - A few months ago, I took on the role of Director of Information Technology at Kraemer North America. This is a storied organization, that is at the top of their field in what they do (large scale transportation design and construction projects).

    After more than 100 years, KNA’s IT infrastructure was due for some much-needed overhaul.

    For the past several weeks, I have been working with John Gibbs and Larry Wheeler to streamline the design and infrastructure of the network, as KNA invested in the vision of a better future.

    Having put in some long nights with Larry over the past couple of weeks to configure, implement and support the network transition, I could not be happier. We have unraveled years of complexity, and standardized to modern, efficient, and straightforward services, hardware and configurations. We have eliminated aged, insecure and suspect hardware and configurations, and put in high-availability, performance-based architecture that has shown promising and immediate capacity, performance and stability improvements.

    Along the way, I worked closely with Larry to call a couple of audibles on revised and improved configurations and opportunities to refine the plan – and he rolled with it like the pro that he is, making short work of the added changes that will serve our organization for years to come. His execution was simply exceptional.

    Perhaps you do not hear it enough, but I will tell you plainly – your organization, your team, and in particular John and Larry have been my absolute and completely trusted colleagues for more than a decade. If I ever needed a refresher on why ACP, Larry and John have been valuable and helpful to the organizations that I have had the opportunity to serve – I got it on this project, in spades.

    Thank you for bringing to bear the dedicated, competent, focused and service-oriented colleagues that have helped us so much. We are already developing phasing plans for the future that will further deliver value to KNA – and are energized and ecstatic that ACP’s team of professionals will be at the table along the way.

    With warmest regards and with deepest gratitude,

    Bryan Koch
    Director of Information Technology
    Kraemer North America

  • Providing Hardware & Consulting Services for Large Drugstore Chain

    ACP is currently supporting the largest US Drugstore with over 8,000 locations providing IT technologies and services. ACP just completed a 34,000 desktop rollout with customized image loading services over a four month period. This project was a Window XP to Window 7 migration. ACP also provided Customized Application Stacking Services ( CASS) on top of the core images for their corporate location rollout of over 4,000 devices.

  • ACP helps drive savings, management control at Houston Healthcare with HP MPS Solution

    Houston Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare system serving central Georgia. When the organization directed senior management to find ways to streamline costs without impacting quality of care, the CIO directed his team to find ways to discover cost savings potential. What was uncovered in printing was eye-opening. As is typical of most large organizations, managing documents and print practices had become a low priority, resulting in an unmanaged print fleet with high print costs. Implementing HP Managed Print Services has reduced print costs at Houston Healthcare by 48%.

  • Technology Updates Offer Refresh for Financial Organization

    ACP refreshed the technology for over 140 branches of a major financial organization. This entailed deploying thousands of desktops, notebooks, printers, servers and other integrated technology products. Timelines were tight and both technical expertise and strong logistical coordination were required.

  • Outsourcing Offers Best Practices Support

    A large Financial organization with over 14,000 users outsourced their tier one and tier two services to ACP. ACP currently provides hardware and software support for their environment. This includes all installs, moves, adds and changes to their technologies.

  • Off-site Team Extension Through Technology Partnership

    ACP is viewed as an extension of a major tool manufacturer providing their franchisees with “ On Boarding Technologies” to help expedite the startup and running of their operation. ACP currently is supporting over 4,000 Franchises with their day to day business operation thru the tools of ACP.

  • HR and Staffing Solutions for Fortune 100 Customer

    Some other projects include: participation in a major relocation of a Fortune 100 customer, a multi-year project to hire engineers nationally on a temp-to-perm basis (major telecommunications customer) which include numerous HR responsibilities, a 45,000 monitor and 26,000 printer rollout for a national firm, and relocating two to three thousand systems for a major retailer. If required, ACP can provide additional/excellent references.

  • Point of Sale and Technology for Fast Food Chain

    ACP supplied a major fast-food chain with technology for over 10 years. Recently, they re-modeled over 120 stores. ACP staged, podded, and shipped all their POS equipment to each individual store. We provided all new equipment for their back-office complete with an image load and asset tagging of each individual item. ACP also configured new security systems consisting of a DVR, security cameras both inside and out, and also provided a key card system for employees.

  • Storage and Deployment for Major Insurance Company

    ACP provided a depot for the storage and deployment of technology, which included a refresh of approximately 20,000 seats for a major insurance company. The Dell product was received, reconciled to deployment dates, imaged (multiple images by type of product), stored, and shipped to coincide with customer installation dates.