The ACP Difference


You can buy hardware almost anywhere. What you can't buy just anywhere is the ACP approach to solving business problems through creative IT implementation. In our thirty years of experience, we've supplied well over two billion dollars of brand name equipment for our customers and reduced their costs substantially. We call it CreativIT. You'll call it a welcome change.

Your team knows your business challenges better than anyone does. You establish strict parameters for performance. By applying ACP CreativIT, you can address those challenges with results that are innovative and flexible.

IT's all for you 

If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have a business. Our customer-driven perspective is the basis of the ACP culture. With us it's not a short term motive, but a long term business approach. We are dedicated to our customers, and special attention is our way of doing business.

How we lower your total IT costs 

Aggressive IT component pricing is only part of the total equation. Reducing downtime, increasing productivity and decreasing maintenance costs are long term issues that pay a stream of dividends potentially much greater than initial cost savings.

Our process is methodical.

First, we take a long view of your operations; your high-level business objectives, departmental objectives, how you work and how your organization interacts internally and externally. We analyze your current technology and short run business objectives to translate it all into terms of information technology. Then we formulate a strategy to achieve your objectives within the framework of lowering your total cost of ownership. This solution may include cost savings as well as improved productivity strategies. Finally, we execute the strategy on time and on budget.

Our focus is on how we can achieve the following benefits for you.

  • Leverage Technology to generate positive business outcomes
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Increase Revenue